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In addition to in-person, in-home visits, Halcyon Rehab at Home offers TeleTherapy for Physical, Occupational and Speech Language Pathology services. Our therapists provide virtual appointments to patients through a secure, live, HIPAA-compliant video platform. It’s an innovative alternative for patients to access quality therapy care from the safety of their homes.

TeleTherapy has been demonstrated to be as effective as traditional rehabilitation programs for numerous medical conditions. And it’s a fast, convenient option to quickly obtain the care a patient needs.

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TeleTherapy benefits

  • Access to therapy services with effective, timely treatment.
  • Flexibility to schedule appointments that fit patient’s schedule.
  • Efficient option for routine follow-up and monitoring visits.
  • Offers recovery from surgery or addresses chronic conditions with strengthening, targeted stretching, balance, and functional mobility exercises.
  • Increases chances that patients will complete their entire treatment plan.
  • Reduces missed appointments and improves outcomes.
  • Offering in-home COVID-19 recovery program.
  • Loaner iPad program for Teletherapy.
  • Caregivers/family members can join the therapy appointment from anywhere.

What to expect.

A woman doing physical therapyA virtual visit with a therapist is similar to an in-person one. He or she will ask questions, review symptoms and issues, and ask a patient to perform specific movements, such as walking across the room, standing up from a chair, or reaching above head for functional tasks.

The therapist will then provide instructions on the best interventions and techniques, home exercise programs, education, and caregiver education.

If falling is a concern, the virtual appointment is an opportunity to discuss ways to improve the safety of your home and what you should do if you fall.

Studies show that TeleTherapy can result in equal or better outcomes.
Our patients who participate in TeleTherapy have positive experiences and would do it again! They feel connected and supported by their TeleTherapy therapists. Having this support at home while going through rehabilitation is incredibly valuable.

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