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Finding the right rehabilitation setting shapes recovery. Some patients thrive at an outpatient clinic, while others need a skilled therapist to come to them. With the Halcyon team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech-language Pathologists, we are here to provide professional therapy services in the environment you need.

Long-term Care Facilities:

Halcyon Rehabilitation is available as a service to residents of long-term care facilities. See our LOCATIONS.

Halcyon Rehab at Home: 

If visiting an outpatient clinic is difficult for you, Halcyon Rehab at Home allows you to receive personalized outpatient therapy services in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home. Our skilled Halcyon Rehab at Home clinicians can design a therapeutic functional program to maximize your independence and safety in your own home. LEARN MORE.


If you’re limited by travel, injury or a weakened immune system, Halcyon offers an alternative treatment solution from the comfort and safety of your home through our Teletherapy program. Teletherapy lets you easily connect virtually with a licensed therapist through a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet, all from the convenience of your home and with flexible appointment scheduling. You will have the undivided attention of your therapist to assess your condition and provide a specific treatment plan for you. LEARN MORE.

Outpatient Therapy in a Rehab Agency:

Halcyon offers state-of-the-art outpatient rehabilitation in our freestanding Halcyon Rehab Agency clinics. Halcyon clinicians evaluate and treat each patient on a one-on-one basis, and they are committed to helping each patient reach his or her optimal level of function. Our skilled outpatient therapists, in conjunction with your physician, will design an individualized treatment plan and home program that’s the right fit for you. Our therapists weave education and practical solutions into your treatment plan, setting goals and achieving them together.

Halcyon Rehab Agency at
Southern Lifestyle Senior Living Center
1297 US 27N
Lake Placid, FL 33852
Halcyon Rehab Agency at
Bay Breeze Senior Living and Rehabilitation Center
3387 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

quote symbolWe are committed to helping our patients live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives through social interaction and enriching environments that promote independence.quote symbol

Our services.

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists help with socialization and nutrition by addressing a client’s communication and cognitive needs, as well as any swallowing issues. Collaborating with patients and families, our therapists work to restore individuals’ skills and help them adapt in their environments. They also strive to enhance clients’ self-esteem, pride, and dignity.

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants are specialists in teaching clients the skills necessary for personal independence and safety in various living, leisure, and social environments.

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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants provide therapy to help clients with their mobility, helping them move more and move safely. These specialists work to restore, compensate or adapt mobility for clients who’ve experienced deficits caused by neuromuscular and/or musculoskeletal impairments.

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Specialized services.

Specialized services

Our skilled clinicians offer treatment expertise in the following areas:

  • Pre and post surgical therapy for joint replacements, fractures and orthopedic conditions.
  • Custom strengthening and conditioning programs to re-educate muscles, increase muscle function and improve coordination.
  • Therapeutic interventions for mobility, gait stability, ambulation, posture, and positioning.
  • Specialty programming and technology to promote balance and fall prevention.
  • Adaptive techniques and equipment to overcome physical disabilities.
  • Self-care retraining and adaptive techniques to improve dressing, bathing, eating, grooming, and toileting tasks.
  • Exercises designed to recover speech, language and memory skills.
  • Therapeutic activities for memory, orientation, cognitive integration and daily life skills.
  • Community re-integration skills to allow for independent performance at home.
  • Oral muscle strength and functioning for speaking and swallowing.
  • Swallowing and oral motor interventions.

Specialized therapy programs: Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and strokes.

  • COVID-19 Recovery
  • Medical Management
  • Orthopedics & Joint Replacement
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehab
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Balance & Vestibular Rehab
  • Falls Prevention & Recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • Seating & Positioning
  • Contracture Management
  • Hand Therapy
  • Urinary Incontinence Management
  • Communication & Cognitive Enhancement
  • Dementia Rehabilitation Programs
  • Swallowing & Dysphagia Management
  • Low Vision
  • Transition to Home Programs & Home Safety/Modification Assessments

Patient success stories.

Every day we help clients work on their strength, mobility, and independence, and we’re incredibly proud of the rehabilitation achievements we make together with our patients. Our skills and compassion combined with their efforts make great outcomes.

Mr. Smith’s health began to decline as he helped his father with Alzheimer’s disease. At age 56, Mr. Smith was admitted to our Skilled Nursing Facility. He was in severe pain, influencing his ability to stand, walk, and perform basic self-care.  READ HIS JOURNEY TO GET BACK HOME.
Elizabeth, a 65-year old woman, was admitted to our Skilled Nursing Facility for Physical and Occupational therapy following a right above the knee amputation. Six months later, she returned for additional therapy after undergoing a right shoulder replacement. READ HER STORY OF ADAPTIVE EQUIPMENT.
Our Rehab Team at Panama City Nursing Center had a resident that was in the facility for weeks and refused to participate in therapy. She went home and ended up back in the facility due to numerous falls and safety concerns in her home. READ HOW THE TEAM INSPIRED HER.

See what patients are saying about their Halcyon Rehab at Home Therapists

I had a great experience with you guys, it was truly wonderful.
Brian, PT & Monte, OT
Very genuine and caring. I never felt like I was being rushed through as a patient.
Lee, PT & Janna, OT
Wonderful therapist, PT high quality
Loana, PT
Oh it was nice, I enjoyed them coming. They made me do what I should have been in the first place. They were very nice and friendly recommend them to anybody
Jose, PT & Kayla, OT
Excellent Therapy. They both were great. When I saw my other doctor she even said I looked so much better. Doing very much better and walking so much better with Mason’s help.
Mason, PT & Michael, OT
Absolutely fantastic, they made me feel like I was the only one around that they had to take care of. I hated to see them go, they were amazing.
Katherine, PT & Kurt, OT

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