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Halcyon Rehabilitation offers business partners multiple options to provide the level of support you need. In all cases, your organization will benefit from skilled therapy teams, industry leadership, the highest level of integrity and quality, and caring hearts.

We’re committed to providing you the most up to date information related to the therapy industry, and taking excellent care of our clinicians. Our goal is to assist our family of healthcare professionals to become the best people that they can be, both professionally and personally. That, in turn, benefits your organization and your residents.

quote symbolWorking with Halcyon was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career. They partnered with us on PDPM Trainings and Restorative Nursing Trainings. They are knowledgeable on all things Rehab and a wonderful resource. Anyone in the post-acute business would be lucky to work with them!

— Tammi DeSimone, Director of Clinical Reimbursement, South Atlantic Health Carequote symbol

Therapy Management Solutions.

Therapy management solutionsIf you don’t need a full staff because you already have an in house therapy team, we can enhance your current team. Contract Therapy Management offers the higher level direction, training and support your specialized team needs.
Halcyon Rehabilitation’s Therapy Management Solutions adds a support layer above your Director of Rehabilitation, allowing you to have specialized therapy support services and therapy talent without losing your in-house therapy staff. This allows a non-therapist who is managing the entire team to have access to the latest information and therapy consultative services when the need arises.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Are we supporting our daily therapy operations appropriately?
  • Are we offering our team the best continuing therapy education possible?
  • How would we handle a specialized therapy audit or therapy denial?
  • Is the person supervising the therapy operations a Therapy Subject Matter Expert?


Full-Solution Therapy.

By partnering with Halcyon Rehabilitation to provide Full Solution Therapy, your long term care facility will be supported at a facility level and have access to the vast array of support services.

The Halcyon Rehabilitation Difference

  • A dedicated Director of Rehabilitation for each facility.
  • Halcyon Rehabilitation’s Regional Directors have fewer buildings than our competitors thus allowing more on-site support and access.
  • Check-in and check-out reports for Regional Visits to all facilities.
  • Audit and Education support in conjunction with dedicated audit teams.
  • Top-tier service with one of the strongest recruitment teams in the industry.
  • Therapy Audits and Therapist Continuing Education.
  • Full-time staff focused on continued training, ongoing audits in preparation for reviews, in addition to defending ZPIC audits.

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Contract Therapy Turnkey Solutions.

If you have contract therapy and are considering the advantages of converting to in-house therapy but don’t have the resources to start up the program, we can help.

Halcyon Rehabilitation can create a “ramp up” program to get your in house program started and operating. When profitable, we can turn it back over to your control to manage going forward.

The rewards are great and the risks are low, here’s what you get:

  • Dedicated recruitment efforts and retainment efforts.
  • Total roll-out plan: creation, management and execution.
  • Established clinical programs that can be rolled out almost immediately, where appropriate.
  • Policy and Procedures already created.
  • Strong clinical documentation program implemented and all staff trained.
  • Regional Management supervision from day one to guide the roll-out and ongoing activities in coordination with the Director of Rehabilitation and others in the facility.

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Specialized Programs.

Halcyon Rehabilitation has a diverse repertoire of professionally developed Advanced Therapeutic Programs available to enhance and improve the quality of life for the residents we serve. Our clinical programs are designed to achieve positive care outcomes that result in functional improvement for residents. Halcyon can assist our partners in maintaining OBRA and Medicare compliance through resident identification and treatment, specialty rehab programs, and education support services.

Falls & Balance Management: Stability Seekers

Halcyon’s Stability Seekers Program focuses on managing the risk of falling by identifying both resident and environmental factors that contribute to fall risk. Our clinicians use a Restore, Compensate, and Adapt approach to manage the multiple risk factors contributing to a resident’s instability and resulting fall risk.

Activities of Daily Living: Early Risers

Halcyon’s Early Risers Program serves to enable a resident to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills at their highest level of function by utilizing appropriate compensatory techniques, adaptive equipment, assistive devices, and other assistive technology.  The goal of the Early Risers Program is to improve functional independence with ADLs, thereby decreasing overall caregiver burden and improving resident quality of life.

Dementia & ACL: Memory Makers

Halcyon’s Memory Makers Program provides resident-centered experiences and interventions that are appropriate for the individual’s cognitive level. Allen Cognitive Level (ACL) instruments are used to identify a level of cognitive functioning for a resident and then develop appropriate therapeutic interventions, approaches, and activities based on the level identified.

Dysphagia & Communication

Our certified Speech-Language Pathologists assist in developing and designing programs to improve our residents’ overall ability to communicate in a variety of settings and address the many areas of swallowing disorders. Through in-depth evaluation and in coordination with a physician, our professional therapists will develop individualized treatment plans, which may include:

  • Implementation of a communication system
  • Dysphagia therapeutic techniques
  • Oral-motor exercises
  • Dementia management/cognitive therapy
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Stroke/neurological therapy
  • Vital-Stim

Additional Specialty Clinical Programs

Individuals have different clinical needs which why Halcyon Rehabilitation has developed a robust library of specialty clinical interventions and programs including, but not limited to:

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Quality Measures.

Functional outcomes are excellent markers of quality of care. Our teams value the importance of quality care and delivering an effective clinical experience.  Halcyon’s outcomes identify target areas for quality improvement and serve to demonstrate functional improvement.  Outcomes assist our clinicians in defining the “quality” in delivery of care.  We focus on facilitating each resident’s greatest level of function and restoring independence.

Designed for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists, our outcome  tool measures discipline-specific deficit areas and helps to address and gauge the unique characteristics of each resident.  This outcomes tool was designed by clinicians to comprehensively capture the functional areas most pertinent and applicable to the geriatric population and can measure functional scale items in both the physical and cognitive areas.

Benefits of Our Resident Outcome System:

  • Clinicians can enter Admission, Interim and Discharge outcome data.
  • Facility-Friendly Marketing Graphs & Reports.
  • Customizable outcome reports to meet referral source needs.
  • Clinical measure selection is based on resident-specific goal areas established.



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Quality measures report

Casamba Therapy Software.

Today, it is critical that therapy is managed on a minute-by-minute basis with all levels of the therapy management team involved in detailed planning and oversight of daily operations.

Halcyon Rehabilitation stays ahead of industry changes with a strong therapy management software program for detailed tracking of numerous factors and faculties: Casamba software

By implementing Casamba Software into our therapy documentation and therapy management, we efficiently manage the therapy department and point of care documentation. It’s a complete rehab management tool designed to optimize clinical documentation, resident management and regulatory compliance.

Features include:

  • Professional & Efficient Clinical Documentation.
  • Automatic Calculation of PDPM CMIs.
  • Clinical Pathways.
  • Resident & Therapist Scheduling.
  • Integrated Planning & Scheduling for Optimal Case Management.
  • Billing Data Exports.
  • Automated Centralized Billing.
  • Extensive Clinical & Financial Reports.
  • Clinical Outcomes Management Tool & Reports.
  • Online Physician eSignature Portal.

Halcyon’s management team is able to analyze and manage the performance of sites at a very high level. Our Casamba Therapy Software System delivers valuable financial and clinical information in a single click, allowing us to run every aspect of our rehab business efficiently and profitably.

Well-trained. Ready to make a difference.

We strive to be the rehabilitation company of choice with dynamic, multi-faceted, skilled professionals with the desire to positively impact the lives we serve.

Clinical Services provides the following to our therapist and management teams:

  • Thorough initial orientation.
  • Ongoing clinical documentation and compliance training and feedback.
  • Interdisciplinary in-services.
  • Routine documentation, MDS and billing audits to ensure compliance with CMS, Fiscal Intermediary and licensure regulations.
  • Survey readiness in collaboration with Halcyon’s business partners.
  • Appeals management.

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