Lymphedema Rehabilitation Certified


Lymphedema is when excess lymphatic fluid causes swelling in the body, usually in the arms or legs. This is usually a result of cancer and its treatments (surgery, radiation, etc.), with a higher risk of Lymphedema for breast cancer patients.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key to managing these symptoms and preventing the swelling from progressing. If left untreated, Lymphedema could lead to decreased function and mobility in the affected areas.

Lymphedema Treatment and management can vary from person to person and can vary greatly due to the progression, symptoms and how early treatment begins.

At Halcyon Rehabilitation, our trained and certified therapists offer symptom management with:

Facilitation and inhibition of specific muscles
• Helps to decrease swelling as well as help with pain management

Relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system
• Scar release, adhesion treatment and pain management


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Jose Edgel P. Cubar, PT, CLT, CKTP
Rehab Agency Administrator
Lymphedema Certified: 2018

Email: [email protected]
P: 863-273-6045

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